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Video tutorials are undoubtedly one of the most popular types of online videos – and for good reason. Because a tutorial instructs viewers how to perform a certain task, they are inherently useful and appeal to viewers. In fact if you have a skill, technique or any knowledge that you’d like to share then you should definitely consider creating a tutorial of your own.

Assuming you’d like to create a tutorial but aren’t sure whether you will be able to record the video footage that you need, you should use Movavi Screen Capture Studio. It will ensure that you are able to record exactly the kind of video footage that you need by allowing you to record videos from various sources.

To learn how to make a tutorial video using Movavi Screen Capture Studio, you should first decide on the type of video footage that you’d like to record:

  • Record videos from a PC screen

If your tutorial involves an app or digital product of some kind, recording video footage of it from your screen would be perfect, and Movavi Screen Capture Studio will give you the means to do so. All you need to do is launch the software then select the ‘Record screen’ option in the menu.

The features in Movavi Screen Capture Studio will then let you define the capture area, select the audio source, adjust the frame rate, capture keyboard and mouse actions, or tweak the volume levels. In short you should be able to customize the recording parameters fully according to your needs.

  • Record videos from external devices or import from AVCHD cameras

If you’d prefer to record normal video footage, you could do so via a webcam or other external device – or you could digitize videos from a TV tuner or VHS player. Assuming the device is plugged in, launch Movavi Screen Capture Studio and select ‘Edit video’ then click on the ‘Record Video’ button.

In the video capture screen that appears you can then specific the ‘Video capture device’ and adjust the various other recording parameters. The same steps can also allow you to import video footage for your tutorial that you’ve recorded using an AVCHD camera.

Part of the beauty of creating tutorials with Movavi Screen Capture Studio is that it will provide you with a full-fledged editor that you can use to merge clips together, trim out unwanted parts, apply effects and filters, add audio tracks, insert subtitles, and more. In short you should be able to take the raw footage that you’ve recorded and transform it into an impressive-looking tutorial.

Rest assured it isn’t difficult to use Movavi Screen Capture Studio’s editing features and you’ll probably get the hang of it in no time. More importantly you should be able to see now that it will provide you with all the options that you need to create any kind of tutorial, and will help you to ensure that it looks great as well.

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