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We’ve come a long way since games first started being played on phones. In fact in the early days the ones that came pre-loaded on phones like the old Nokia 3310 were barely more than simple ways to pass the time. But while there may still be nostalgia for these – and Nokia certainly seems to think that there is – today’s smartphones are light years ahead. 

Capable of delivering fantastic animation and stunning graphics thanks to ultra-fast processors, comparing these to pre-smartphone models is like staging a race between a push bike and a Ferrari. And while most of the latest generation of phones deliver excellent gaming performance a number really do stand out.  Of course it’s helped by the fact that everyone from games developers to online gaming sites have been hard at work optimising performance to work brilliantly on a mobile.


So here are five of the very best phones if you want the ultimate mobile gaming experience.

 Samsung Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S8 has a superb screen and ultra-fast processor but its real appeal comes in the form of its Game Launcher which lets you block on-screen messages as you play, take screenshots of the action and even capture video, the 5.8 inch, full HD screen takes mobile gaming to the next level. 888poker have launched a particularly impressive app that is compatible with this device and available from the Google Play store, it has a large variety of features and games with incredible detail. These details matter when it comes to making the correct choices in high pressure situations. The app is particularly satisfying due to the user being capable of winning money while they are on the go, it doesn’t get much better than going all-in on the train does it? The app even offers Snap Poker, this is a sped up version of the game, it allows the user to fold and get a new hand immediately. Say goodbye to waiting around, this comes in particularly useful for those that are playing the game on their way to work. The phone itself is expensive though with the handset costing around £650 so one for serious gamers only. 

HTC 10

This is another phone with a special feature that all gamers will find useful called Boost+. It lets you adjust the performance of the game and boost the battery power. This feature also keeps the phone running smoothly by clearing cashes and deleting junk files. Another interesting feature of this phone is the ability to lock apps, meaning you’ll have to use your fingerprint sensor to unlock them again. The apps themselves don’t have to do anything to support this, it is implemented by HTC. This adds an extra level of security to avoid unwanted people seeing private messages or even ruining the progress on a game that you’ve worked tirelessly on. But where the HTC 10 really stands out is in the quality of its sound. With separate tweeter and woofer speakers this is superb and you can get your hands on one for around £400. 

Moto X Force

The X Force’s 5.4” screen is a great combination of being small enough to hold but big enough for the action – and it’s also shatter proof. It isn’t a phone that can be described as good looking, however it has solved an age old problem for smartphone users, it won’t break easily. The phone even has a water repellent coating, this doesn’t mean it’s waterproof by any stretch of the imagination but it will survive a drink being spilt over it. The Moto X Force is perfect for playing games on the go due to it being so robust. Standard smartphones are fitted with three or four layers, the Moto X Force has six, you can be sure that the screen will survive a few falls making it well worth the investment. The powerful processor means that games play perfectly on it and the real bonus for gamers is the 3760mAh battery that will mean extended playing time, all for around £350. 

Huawei Nexus 6P

The 5.7” screen is crystal clear thanks to its AMOLED technology and the Snapdragon 810 octacore chipset ensures great performance. It also has a powerful battery ideal for extended gameplay sessions as well as a massive storage of up to 128GB. It looks as though this phone could be the last of its kind as Google have killed off the Nexus line, if the popularity of this phone doesn’t cause them to change their minds then nothing will! The phone is very good looking, especially when it is compared to the Moto X Force. This is all available for around £400. 

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

The A10 Fusion is Apple’s fastest-ever chipset and is more than capable of handling anything the fastest-moving game can throw at it. As with previous iPhones it is available in a range of different colours, the jet black is undoubtedly the slickest looking, you will however have to ensure that you polish it regularly to get fingerprint marks off it. Go for the top end model of the range and you’ll also get a truly massive 256GB of internal memory, more than enough for even the most hard-core gamer. The height of the iPhone 7 Plus makes it truly unique, it can make it a struggle to use but when you get used to it you won’t look back. Gaming reaches a whole new dimension. But be prepared to pay Apple prices that range from £700 up to £900.

So these are the phones that are leading the way at the moment. But as faster and better games are developed manufacturers are going to have to work hard if they want to keep up with the pace. Whether that’s going to be reflected in the price of the next generation of handsets just remains to be seen.

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