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As far as we know, Snapdragon 835, Hisilicon 960, Exynos 8895, MTK X27 and A10 Fusion are the leading chipsets in the market from different manufacturers. Let’s take a look at benchmark scores from these chipsets.

The first test is Antutu benchmark. From the Antutu benchmark scores above, the Snapdragon 835 scores the highest followed by A10 Fusion from Apple. However, Hisilicon Kirin 960 and MediaTek X27 have lower scores than the Snapdragon 821.

Highest: Snapdragon 835
Lowest: MediaTek X27

The second test is GeekBench. For GeekBench’s Multi-core test, Snapdragon 835 scores the highest followed by Hisilicon Kirin 960 and A10 Fusion. Snapdragon 821 has the lowest score while MediaTek X27 is the fourth best. On the other hand, the A10 Fusion scores the highest point on Single-Core and the lowest is MediaTek X27.

Multi-Core highest: Snapdragon 835
Multi-Core lowest: Snapdragon 821
Single-Core highest: A10 Fusion
Single-Core lowest: MediaTek X27

The third test is Quadrant benchmark. The Exynos 8895 and Exynos 8890 are ahead of Snapdragon 821 for the Quadrant benchmark test. Clearly, the performance of Samsung Galaxy S8 and last year’s Galaxy S7 are pretty close.

Highest: Exynos 8895
Lowest: Snapdragon 821

The fourth test is 3DMark. For Sling Shot Unlimited, the Exynos 8895 is ahead of A10 Fusion. Last year’s Exynos 8890 has higher score that the Snapdragon 821, which has the lowest score among others.

Highest: Exynos 8895
Lowest: Snapdragon 821

As a result, Snapdragon 835, Exynos 8895 and Apple A10 Fusion are the top three processors based on the benchmark scores above. However, some devices might have lower scores due to the settings and software compare to scores above. Hence, we are looking forward to the Snapdragon 845 as it is the upcoming beast chipset from Qualcomm.

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  • Fábio Radicchi Belotto

    Very confusing article.
    I wanted to see an comparison of exyos with others but the graphics makes no sense

  • Joms

    The phone with SD821 that was used here was impotent and no where near the true performance of SD821 in Le Pro 3 or OP3T. It can easily reach 165K in Antutu and 1.9K/4.5K in Geekbench. Anyway, you should have removed A10 in the comparison because it runs on different platform. Android vs Android or iOS vs iOS only. If you compare Android vs iOS then you are an iDi*t.

  • meh…

    I was hoping for a legitimate comparison. Not only was the Helio X30 completely absent, these tests don’t really tell the whole story on the day to day usage of the CPUs in question.