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Huawei P10 Plus with 6GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage was tested on Antutu, GeekBench and 3DMark. Let’s take a look at the scores.

The first test is Antutu benchmark. In this test, Huawei P10 Plus scored 113,177 points. Unfortunately, the score was rather disappointed as it is long way behind the monstrous Xiaomi Mi6 with 180,000 points on Antutu. Clearly, the Hisilicon Kirin 960 processor is behind the Snapdragon 835.

The second test is GeekBench. Huawei P10 Plus scored1,856 points on Single-core test and 6,167 points on Multi-core test.

The third test is 3DMark. Huawei P10 Plus scored 1,590 points on Sling Shot Extreme, 1873 points on Sling Shot, 19,850 on Ice Storm Unlimited, 11,326 on Ice Storm Extreme and 12,253 on Ice Storm.

The overall points of Huawei P10 Plus are not on par with other flagships that powered by Snapdragon 835 processor. Please do take note that the P10 Plus that was tested on several benchmark apps is the one with 6GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage. However, the benchmark test are mainly on the performance hardware and those additional features were not tested. Do check out the benchmark scores of other devices as well.

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