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In the modern world, smartphone and tablets are parts of human life as our lifestyle has gone mobile as well. The same for sports betting since the smartphones and tablets are there to provide sports betting on-the-go. It is essential to spot the difference between mobile sport betting platforms.

Mobile Platform Betting 1

Sports betting on mobile website

The mobile website is different from mobile app. A mobile optimized website requires log-in via mobile browser and it is suitable for those like to log-in to their betting account when they wish to place their bet and log-out as soon as they completed their betting activities.

With a Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, sports betting fans are able to log in to their account within a few seconds and log out when everything is done. This is unlikely to leave a trace on their device and would be ideal for casual sports betting customers. Of course, the mobile website will also offer livescore, live odds and live in-play experience too.

Mobile Platform Betting 2

Sports betting on mobile app

Mobile application is important to our daily life since we use social networks on our device through apps and not mobile website. With mobile app, sports betting customers are no longer need to log in or log out from their account. Hence, sports betting fans are able to forget about the fuss of mobile website. All the latest odds and even the latest scores can be accessed via sports betting mobile app. Those on tablet can take a look at the latest betting odds on larger interface than a smartphone user.

For mobile app, users are required to download the app from Google Play/App Store or from sport betting websites that offer mobile app download.

Apart from the difference, both mobile website and mobile app share the same user experience too. Betting customers are able to place their bets with one tap betting. Previously, it took longer time to place a bet on computer and everything has changed since the introduction of smartphone and tablet.

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