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How to be always connected to 3G and 4G

Previous 5-8 years made a real revolution in terms of mobile phones and their use.  What did we have before? A phone was a simple device with almost one simple (surprise) purpose – it allowed having talks anywhere you want. And what do we have now? We have smartphones!




What makes them so powerful? Of course, it’s innovations, hardware, software and Internet connection, of course!
Let’s imagine a situation that can be absolutely familiar to you. You are at home in a comfortable chair with your phone in hands surfing the Internet. But it’s so slow that even a required page can’t be opened properly. Unpleasant? You bet!

How to improve 3G or 4G network?

What is more interesting is that you regularly pay for you mobile Internet, but 3G and 4G are not reachable. There is no need to get used to poor mobile signal when there is a convenient way out called a mobile phone signal booster.




A 3G signal booster or a 4G/LTE repeater is a device that amplifies weak mobile signal and makes it strong and constant. How a booster works can be described as follows: a booster comes with two antennas – indoor and outdoor ones.




The outdoor antenna is installed in a place with at least two bars on your phone. Then this antenna picks up poor signal and sends it to the booster via cable. The 3G mobile booster enhances the weak signal and spreads it via indoor antenna that is also connected to the booster.

Mobile signal booster = stable 3G and 4G connection forever?





Exactly! As a result, all phones in covered area receive good amplified 3G (4G, LTE or just voice) mobile signal.

This is the way many mobile phone boosters produced by world-known manufacturers work. Take, for example, HiBoost cell phone signal booster. All you need is just to mount outdoor antenna, connect it with a booster as well as connect indoor antenna with it. If you have problems with mobile signal, you will definitely find a cell phone signal booster according to your needs at  www.huaptec.eu.

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