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COBO C1 USB Fingerprint Module

The fingerprint sensor is popular among the smartphones, but only high end laptops come with such feature. In order to improve the security of your PC or laptop, GearBest.com introduces the COBO C1 USB Fingerprint Module.

What is this COBO C1 USB Fingerprint Module? Well. It is basically a portable fingerprint sensor for your device as long as it comes with a USB port and also runs on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Basically, the COBO C1 USB supports laptop and PC that run on aforementioned operating systems.

As far as we know, the fingerprint sensor is so common among the smartphones as the fingerprint sensor has been used to enhance the security of a smartphone. The same can be done for a PC or laptop as well. A fingerprint sensor can be found on a PC, but only for high end and pricey models. How about those low end PCs and laptops or those older models? COBO C1 USB is the ideal answer for you.

The COBO C1 USB Fingerprint Module is now available on GearBest.com for a discounted price of $39.99. The price will get extra $10 deduction if you apply the promo code of COBO and its only valid for a limited time. The most important about GearBest.com is the free shipping to almost every country around the world.

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