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Wish to own a unit of ultra-thin notebook as thin as MacBook Air? Well. AirBook Notebook is as thin as the Macbook Air, but it costs almost $300 cheaper. This deal is brought to you buy GSM Insider.

A unit of MacBook Air costs $1000 or even higher for high-specs model. New AirBook Notebooks (2017) are definitely on par with MacBook Air in terms of design and pricing, but definitely cheaper than the latter. The AirBook Notebooks (2017) are available in five different variants to choose from.

The AirBook Ultimate Edition is the highest end among all five variant as it features a 13.3-inches Quad HD display. It is powered by Intel Core-i7 6500U processor and 8GB of RAM alongside 512GB of hard disk space. Of course, there is a microSD slot for further storage expansion. Ports such as two microUSB port, one Mini HDMI port, one DC Jack and one 3.5mm audio jack can be found on the Ultimate Edition. AirBook Ultimate Edition costs as low as USD 920 while a MacBook air with Intel Core i7 processor and 512GB of hard disk space costs as high as USD 1,600. Why pay more?

Want a lower budget AirBook Notebook with latest specs? Its not a problem. AirBook Business Edition and Beauty Edition with the specs almost similar to the Ultimate Edition except half of its hard disk space costs about $820/$780 only. A unit of Intel Core i5 powered MacBook Air costs $999 while a unit of AirBook Notebook with a same processor costs about $650 as the AirBook T1 and T2 offer more choices.

All models of AirBook Notebook (2017) are selling for cheapest pricing on GearBest.com. Please check out the pricing of them and Gear Best offers free shipping worldwide.

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