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The future iPhones are going to have OLED display panels after the Cupertino based company was reported to have signed a massive deal with Samsung Display over the supply of OLED display.

According to source from Korea, Samsung Display reportedly signs a $4.3 billion deal with Cupertino based Apple. The massive deal is said to be related on the OLED display panel of future iPhones. The source further claims that this is the second major deal between the two rivals as the first one was for 100 million display panels in April last year.

With the new deal, Samsung is (un)officially the major supplier of iPhone display panels. The introduction of OLED on iPhone will bring the deep blacks or contrast levels that can be found on other smartphones with OLED display. Reports claimed that the iPhone with OLED display panel is only for high end model.

OLED for iPhone? What you guys think? Do comment on the comment board below.

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