Home Rumor Rumors: Xiaomi Mi6 has Ceramic Edition


When Xiaomi launched the Mi5 in last year, the Ceramic Edition was unveiled followed by the Mi Mix with Ceramic design too. And now, the sources from China claim that Mi6 has Ceramic Edition as well.

According to sources from China, Xiaomi Mi6 is going to have Ceramic Edition since the ceramic design has been integrated into the Chinese company. Due to production issues and technical limitations, the Ceramic Edition of Mi5 was never really available in the Chinese market but the introduction of Mi Mix in ceramic design reaffirmed the importance of ceramic within the Chinese company.

Industry analyst claims that the costs of manufacturing a unit of Mi Mix in Ceramic body in the range of CNY 1,300 and the price should decrease to CNY 500 in the near future. Once the costs have decreased, other companies such as Oppo and Vivo will follow the trend as well. Hence, it is possible that the Mi6 that will release in middle of this year will come with a Ceramic body.

Stay tuned for more updates on Xiaomi Mi6

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