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Hugo Barra

Hugo Barra, a significant figure of Google joined Xiaomi in August 2013 as the Vice President of Xiaomi Global. Well. The figure head of Xiaomi Global has announced that he will return to Silicon Valley in February 2017.

Hugo Barra posted on his Facebook and says that he will go back to Silicon Valley in February 2017 after Chinese New Year. He further says that his decision has been strongly motivated by a feeling of detachment from his family and the life he had built up in Silicon Valley.

Hugo Barra has been an important strategist for the global expansion of Xiaomi. The popular Chinese brand is exists in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil, and Middle East and North Africa. The Chinese company also stated that its plans to expand to Vietnam, Russia, Turkey and Mexico back in 2014, but the expansions have been on hold due to economic crunch.

The successor of Hugo Barra is WANG Xiang, who is the current Senior Vice President of Xiaomi. Hugo Barra is going to remain an advisor to Xiaomi in the future.

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