Home Rumor Asus to launch Zenfone 4 in May 2017, together with Zenfone AR


At the CES 2017, Asus unveiled the Zenfone AR, which is the world’s first 8GB RAM smartphone and there is no sign of Zenfone 4. Well. Sources from Taiwan have claimed that Asus will launch the Zenfone 4 in coming months.

According to industry sources from Taiwan, Asus plans to release the new flagship, dubbed Zenfone 4 in May later this year. Sources further said that the specs of Zenfone 4 are ahead of the Zenfone 3. Unfortunately, the price of Zenfone 4 will increase as well

The Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom that was also launched at CES 2017 will be released in February 2017 next month while the Zenfone AR will be released in May 2017 alongside the Zenfone 4. If the sources are true, we might not see flagship from Asus at the MWC 2017 in next month.

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