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TAIWAN: Samsung continues to face issues on its smartphone after the Galaxy S6 that was launched in last year emits smoke on a China Airlines flight heading to Taipei.

According to reports from Taiwan, a unit of Samsung Galaxy S6 on plane emits smoke while flying to Taipei from Palau, Philippines. As a result, the employees put the device into a bucket of ice in order to cool it down. Luckily, no one was hurt from the incident.

China Airlines has confirmed that the device is indeed a Samsung Galaxy S6 that emitted smoke on China Airlines CI027 flight. The incident has been reported to Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) and Aviation Safety Council (ASC) in Taiwan.


This is the first incident of Samsung Galaxy S6 in Taiwan. The President of Taiwan Consumers’ Foundation, Lu Yun has requested the National Communications Commission (NCC ) to examine the smartphones in the market and to prevent more incidents in the future.

Earlier this year, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was exploded for numerous times in different countries and Samsung had stopped the production in October. Apart from smartphone, Samsung’s washing machine has been recalled as well after there were reports on explosion.

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