Home Rumor RUMOUR: Mediatek Helio X27 to base on 20nm leaks


A newer and more powerful processor from Mediatek, dubbed Helio X27 has been leaked over the internet and is said to be based on 20nm process and has ten cores.

According to a Weibo user, the new upcoming processor from Mediatek is a deca-core processor and the frequency has been increased to 2.59GHz from the previous MTK processors.

He further said that the process technology is based on 20nm and not the 14nm claimed by other leakers. It is too early for a processor based on 14nm as Mediatek should introduce the 16nm first before jump ship over to 14nm, which could make its debut in next year.

The Helio X27 is in between the current X25 and the upcoming high end X30. Hence, it could be for the mid-range market while X30 is for the high end market. That’s not all. The first Helio X27 powered processor could be a LeEco brand smartphone as the Chinese phone maker continues its close ties with the chipmaker.

Stay tuned for more updates on Mediatek new processors.

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