Home Rumor OnePlus 3S with Snapdragon 821 to launch in near future


There is no doubt that OnePlus 3 has been a hit since it was launched a few months ago and it is still hard to get a unit in some countries. Well. The successor of OnePlus 3 has been revealed.

According to Industry Analyst Pan Jiu Tang, the upcoming device from OnePlus is the OnePlus 3S instead of OnePlus 3 Plus. The analyst hints that the launch of OnePlus 3S is just around the corner, but the popular brand is yet to reveal anything.

Sources from China claim the OnePlus 3S is the an upgraded version of OnePlus 3 in the market. The processor of OnePlus 3S will be the Snapdragon 821 quad-core processor alongside 6GB of RAM, which is similar to the OnePlus 3. The camera of OnePlus 3S is also likely to improve from the one in OnePlus 3. However, other specs such as DASH charging and fingerprint sensor are still available on OnePlus 3S.

Stay tuned for more updates on OnePlus 3S.

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