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iPhone 7 is the hottest smartphone in town and we will waste no time to give a unit to our loyal readers out there by just inviting their friends to like our page. Of course, if you are one of our readers, then you are able to choose your favourite color in case you are the winner.

Here are the iPhone 7 specs review

– 4.7-inches IPS display with 750 x 1334 pixels
– Apple A10 Fusion quad-core processor
– 32GB/128GB/256GB of ROM
– iOS 10
– 12MP main camera
– 7MP front-facing camera
– 4G LTE
– 1,960mAh removable battery

Easy steps as below to stand a chance to win a unit of iPhone 7:

1. Invite all your friends to like GSM Insider FB page. Visit here – https://facebook.com and start invite.

(Facebook page)

(Google+ page)

3. Tag 5 friends before share the contest photo on Facebook at here – https://www.facebook.com/GSMinsider/photos_stream

4. Complete all tasks at below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

5. Tell us what is your favourite color for iPhone 7.

6. You are now qualify for the giveaway!

Rules and regulations
1. This giveaway is for all International readers – from 10th October 2016 up until 18th October 2016.
2. Only one unit of iPhone 7 for this giveaway.
3. GSM Insider (http://gsminsider.com) has all rights to cancel this contest without prior notice and has all rights to replace the iPhone 7 with another item at similar or below iPhone 7’s value.
4. Please don’t rush us for the result because we are just a small organization and we need time to arrange for the item.

How to “Invite all your friends to like GSM Insider FB page”? How to “Tag 5 friends before share the contest photo”? Please refer to image below (click to enlarge).


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  • Moňư Řåj

    My favourite color for iPhone 7 is Jet Black

  • Rak Ramozano

    This post is very importance for me to buy iphone 7 or not. when I buy smartphone I always find the review from some smartphone forum. I love GSM Insider always makes me happy.
    I love the Silver for iPhone 7.

  • Sakshi Bhavesh

    WISH TO WIN ‘ROSE GOLD”Colour , best mobile in world wish to win once dear always participated never won yet please choose me this time

  • riyaz ali

    My favourite color for iPhone 7 is Jet Black

  • Mikko Agbuya

    Jet Black

  • Tainan Lu

    I like rose gold

  • Zartaj

    Gold….wish to be lucky

  • Rizalita Angoluan Francisco

    I want rose gold! Hope I win!

  • Joseph Villaflor

    “BLACK” is the color I want for iPhone 7 Plus. I also love its very powerful and so smooth processor. Thank you very much GSM Insider for this very generous giveaway. More power and God bless you.
    Hoping to win this so much.. :)

  • V Francis John

    Rose Gold for sure.

  • Igor Strelnikov

    Jet Black

  • yvsaimadhav

    Jet Black

  • Zarina Yunus

    I want GOLD colour…

  • Sunaina Orrie Sheikh

    wow awesome giveaway. Rose Gold is my favourite

  • Dawn Wallenkamp

    Rose Gold is amazing, this phone is better than any other phone, I love the camera features and the new and improved battery life in the iPhone

  • Robert Pulfer

    Any colour you like as long as it BLACK!

  • Paul Thanikal

    Jet Black

  • Samantha Aguilar

    I love the Most is ROSE GOLD IPHONE 7!! Because i really love that color, its not too girl color but not too normal..

  • Amihahr DC Selegna

    Jet Black is my choice because It’s more of it’s How it would lasts and how powerful as human! :)

  • Raquel Solis

    Rose Gold Is my favorite color Please choose me to win this awesome prize, thanks for the chance!

  • Tatiana Bobrovnik


  • Nazia Sharif

    biggest wish to win

  • Nazia Sharif

    ”Gold” colour please

  • ranju ms

    iphone 7 plus is IP67 certified – dust and water resistant which makes device a value for money by protecting this valuable device from dust and water,i like Jet Black iphone 7 plus

  • Surantiran


  • Andreea Cristi

    Rose Gold

  • Yamini Nagarajan

    Gold is the color i want for iphone 7. Wish to be lucky..thank you for this fantabulous opportunity dear team. God bless and keep rocking.
    Liked page and following on twitter, google + and invited frnds to like and follow the fb page. fingers crossed tightly #GMSInsider

  • Alexandre Cardoso

    Love this! ;)

  • Andreas Worm


  • Poonam Jadhav

    My favourite color for iPhone 7 – Gold
    Thank you for coming up with such a brilliant n exciting giveaway for your readers. Completed all the steps mentioned above. And now keeping my fingers crossed and hoping to win :)

  • Reinhard49

    Jet Black

  • Adeline Tan Huixiu

    Gold pls

  • Casy Ang

    I’m fan of apple products and I love iPhone 7 camera the most which capture best photo resolution and beautiful selfie. My favourite colour is Jet Black which the colour is quite unique, look sleek and stylish. 😍

  • Cecilia Chng

    I like iPhone 7 Plus – Jet Black because it is so coooool

  • Treen Goodwin

    I love Gold , i love the camera features , takes great pics :) thanks for the chance :)

  • Денис Красько

    Jet Black looks really nice to me

  • Anand

    Gold is the color i want for iphone 7. Wish to be lucky..thank you for this opportunity dear team. God bless and keep rocking.
    Liked page and following on twitter, google + and invited frnds to like and follow the fb page. fingers crossed tightly #GMSInsider

  • Ali Zain

    I like iPhone 7 – Black because it is so cool.

  • Rene Warmuth

    Black would be great

  • Rosi


  • Anna Nicamhlaigh

    Rose gold please

  • Janni


  • Ruslan A. Eryemenkov

    My favourite color for iPhone 7 is Jet Black!

  • Gabriela

    I prefer silver color and the new camera features.

  • Elke Erkens

    iphone 7 is my dream and my wishcolour would be Gold
    more power, perfect camera

  • Robert S.

    Jet Black

  • Lynsey Buchanan

    I like the Rose Gold

  • Fanny Luo

    Gold and I like the 2 cameras

  • Tony Ong


  • Steve Ding

    Still love the gold color! Thank you GSM Insider for the amazing giveaway and I love all the posts and information provided on the website as well as the facebook page. Keep posting and impress us!

  • Salam Yahya

    I love GOLD for my 1st iPhone – iPhone 7

  • Chie Diwa

    I love the Jet black color! There’s a lot that’s new in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus that Apple unveiled today – from increased battery life to a new Jet Black color version – but i paid particular attention to the phones’ camera systems, re-engineering them from scratch.

  • Mark Chan

    Gold please. I like the iPhone 7 water and dust resistant features.

  • Helen Siew

    Rose Gold

  • clarence barroa

    i want iphone 7 plus jet black because it is the most updated ios device in the market today. it has one of the most advance features like dual camera and stylish and elegant jet black color.

  • mercy grace delacruz

    I want iPhone 7 plus Jet Black. I love the color its so cool and trendy. I am also impressed with the specs its updated, its a dream smartphone for everyone. i really want to win this.

  • Jörg Häntzschel


  • Michael Brown

    My favourite colour is gold. It looks great and it´s my dream to win this great phone with all it´s features

  • Kristine Adille

    Rose gold Iphone 7 with it’s clean display and smooth processor. Thank you GSM insider for this giveaway. More blessings for you.

  • Gudang Hadiah

    I like Jet-Black

  • Zahid Ali

    wow really wish to win
    done all steps

  • Karien Oosthuizen

    Love this giveaway. Something I really need.

  • April Aman

    i Love the silver :D for iphone7. Thank you for this wonderful oppurtunity to win an iphone7

  • Barabula Geta

    i like rose gold

  • Gretchen Garrido

    I invited all my friends on my list. i want black please :)

  • Jayson Garrido

    I want the high-gloss jet black please <3

  • alina corodescu

    like and share

  • Gervie Marquez

    I love Gold! <3

  • Chen Montes

    iPhone 7 Black is beautiful and so am I 😘

  • Kelly Kang

    I like rose gold

  • Joey C. Enriquez

    My dream phone, I just hope to finally have one. love the gold one

  • Andreas Niggemann

    Silver is my favorite !!

  • Dmitriy Sheyko

    I like Black – stylish and practical ;)

  • Cherry Lim

    Silver is my favorite

  • mischa16

    I love Jet Black!


    My favorite feature is Water Resistant!

    …..and I like the BLACK colour most!

  • Anaruth Tambaoan

    Black! Classy and stylish <3

  • Šimon Slávik

    I like the silver color of Apple iPhone 7 Plus, and my favourite feature is Fusion A10 processor.

  • Jane Carmags

    Rose gold Iphone 7 Plus for me:) and the Apple A10 Fusion quad-core processor

  • Selma Romola R.

    Followed all the steps. Hope to be lucky to win with you. Would love to win the Black color IPhone 7

  • Daniel T

    Design and specs. That’s what I like

  • Imee Palad

    I want to win a Rose Gold colored IPhone 7…Thank you for this opportunity to win this awesome prize…God bless and more power to GSM Insider :-)

  • Jayde Merry Hamo

    I want color Silver. Hoping to win this amazing giveaway. Having an iphone someday is my dream. Wishing you that you that you will be the one to grant my wish. Thank for a chance.

  • Oliver Wiegand

    I like all about the iPhone7 – Black

  • Easter Wong

    I want to win a Rose Gold colored IPhone 7. Thank you!!

  • catherine vinluan

    Hope to win

  • Wendy Wagar

    I’m using an iphone 3GS & I can’t use the apps I need because it won’t update anymore. The iphone 7 would be a dream come true!

  • Chee Wei Kang

    Silver is my favorite

  • I love gold . Wish to win

  • Mahesh Kumar

    Black iPhone 7

  • Shamsuddin Khowaja

    I love iPhone 7 – gold . Wish to win

  • Sushruta

    Jet Black Please…Thank you for the chance… :)

  • Librado P. Perez Jr

    Gold Iphone 7
    #iPhone7 #Apple #Giveaway #GSMinsider

  • Asriel Rusdyawan

    Jet Black!

  • Debbie Penney

    I love rose gold!

  • Alex


  • mjk

    I want Rose gold

  • Annette

    Wow!!! I would love to be a lucky winner. My phone is faulty and has to be restarted the whole time. All steps followed.

  • Jayson Gumpad Garrido

    i want rose gold

  • Esther Chng

    I like rose gold :)

  • Vincent Tay


  • corodescu costel dan

    like and share

  • Sami Dawood

    I like silver

  • afifa ahmed

    Rose gold is my favourite :) and i have followed all rules :)

  • Ricardo


  • Billy Lee

    I like rose gold

  • Rodrigo Boss

    i like black. or jet black great colors !

  • MICHELL klopper

    awesome…friends invited…shared…..fingers crossed !!!!! i love rose gold !!!

  • maria corodescu

    like and share

  • Samira Sheikh

    I like Rose Gold

  • Rahul Ramrao Joshi

    I want GOLD Color

  • Sami Sheikh

    I want GOLD Color

  • Yeong Beng Tan

    Rose Gold

  • Chow Hong NG

    I want GOLD Color

  • Haroon Mazhar

    I love iphone main reason ios is secure operating system unhackable, jet black is my color. i can’t win i’m unlucky always ;(

  • Tonia Clifton

    I love the rose gold 😃

  • Tatiana Sorina

    I wish this wonderful phone, color Gold.

  • Rose gold wish to win my god

  • Ang Heng Tat

    I love the rose gold

  • Teresa Tang

    I like the traditional black colour design

  • Fuan Cho Tan

    My favourite colour will be Rose Gold

  • kassandra_tan

    I prefer silver colour

  • Fok Kee Tan

    I love to have the GOLD colour

  • Chidambar Kulkarni

    I love the Silver colour.

  • Gnaw Yeow Tan

    I will choose black colour

  • Cindy Tan

    I will choose ROSE GOLD colour

  • David Savino

    I will choose black colour

  • Thea Kleynhaus Lennox

    wow this would be awesome love bling bling color

  • Owen Toh

    i want the gold color please… please give it to me free! i am a good nice guy :D

  • Sunita Katyal

    https://goo.gl/5W984x. #iPhone7 #Apple #Giveaway #GSMinsider Wish to Win Jet Black!

  • Pavni Sharma
  • Kung Lean Sim

    I love the Silver colour

  • Donna Snugglebuns Dufresne

    My Favourite Colous is the ROSE GOLD

  • amanda

    Rose Gold Please what I love about the Iphone7 is water proof my Daughter threw my last one down Toilet could of cried and dust-resistant is perfect for when You have kids like me this would be like Christmas come early would be more then dream come true.

  • Ben


  • Cara Bosch

    Rose Gold 🚩

  • Zandile Dlamini

    I love the iPhone 7 in Rose gold

  • Alexander Chirila

    Rose gold , it fits both females and males

  • Jay Maniam

    Black is my favorite color. Please let me win.

    God bless. Thanx GSM Insider.

  • mjk

    I would love to have rose gold

  • Ricardo


  • Zulfiqar Ali

    I love to have the GOLD colour

  • Altaf Ahsan

    Jet Black is my favorite color.

    #iPhone7 #Apple #Giveaway #GSMinsider Wish to Win Jet Black!

  • Sonia Lalwani

    Rose gold is my favorite color for iPhone 7.

  • Basheer Barkat

    Black is my favorite color for iPhone 7.
    Thank you very much GSM Insider for this giveaway.

    Hope to win with you :)

  • Zohaib Barkat Ali

    My Favorite Color is Silver.

  • Zahida Parveen

    My Favorite Color is Rose Gold.

  • Cathy Badenhorst

    love that it has a 1,960mAh removable battery

    love the Jet Black

  • Daniela Cardoso

    4.7-inches IPS display with 750 x 1334 pixels is my favourite feature!!
    would love a jet black one

  • Sarfaraz Ahmed

    Jet Black