Home Latest Leak Alleged Xiaomi Mi Note 2 leaks, a Galaxy S7 Edge clone?



CHINA: Tomorrow is the launch event of Mi Note 2 and the alleged device has been leaked in China. Well. The device is indeed looks like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

A Weibo user in China has posted out the images of alleged Mi Note 2. Surprisingly, the device looks like the Galaxy S7 Edge, except the Mi logo on the top left corner. The device also features dual-curved display while the home button is also similar to the oval shape of Galaxy S7 Edge.

On the rear-side, the device has a camera lens and LED flash on the upper part while the Mi logo is on the bottom. The Mi Note 2 is likely to be a device with glass design on both front and rear. Perhaps, it is best to describe as the clone of Galaxy S7 Edge.

Stay tuned for the launch of Mi Note 2 on tomorrow.

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