Home Latest News Samsung gets sued after Galaxy S7 Edge exploded


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has brought huge problems to the Korean brand and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has also exploded in the United States. Several users have sued Samsung after a unit of Galaxy S7 Edge was found exploded.

It was reported that one user of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge apparently had his S7 Edge explode in his pants pocket while he was at work. This has resulted in second and third degree burns for the affected. Hence, the individual has filed a lawsuit against Samsung for his injuries.

The affected individual has also invited other individuals that affected by the Galaxy S7 Edge to join the lawsuit. Of course, this could be an individual case and most of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge devices might not be affected by it.

The Korean brand is yet to respond on this matter, but the brand of Samsung has tarnished due to the issues in Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and this lawsuit is going to cause further damage to the brand of world’s no.1 smartphone maker.

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