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HTC has been tipped as the marker of Nexus device in 2016 and the probable first look of HTC Nexus devices has been leaked through the internet after AP has shared an image that offers a glimpse at the design of the phone.

The image above isn’t the finalize press render, but it was re-created based on evidence from a reliable source that AP refused to reveal. From the image above, it looks like Sailfish and Marlin Nexus devices will have a metal body with either a glass or plastic pane on the back. The fingerprint sensor is on the rear-panel again.

For the camera, there is no hump for the camera module, which is a good news for those Nexus fans out there. The rear also shows antenna bands on the bottom and top, with three holes next to the camera. Surprisingly, the G logo of Google was printed on the back panel instead of the usual Nexus branding at the back.

The front of the phone has speaker grill and front camera that are similar to other HTC phones. Also seen are white on-screen navigation buttons rather than physical home button. AP says both phones will have curved aluminum bodies and come in multiple colors, including a silver aluminum body with white face, black and there is a possibility of an electric blue color.

The source further claimed that this isn’t the final version yet as the Taiwanese company or the Mountain View based company could yet change the device.

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