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Xiaomi brazil

Brazil is one of the main markets for Xiaomi, but the Chinese firm has suffered setbacks in the North American market and will not launch new smartphone in the near future.

According to the Global VP of Xiaomi, Hugo Barra has confirmed that the company will not launch new smartphone in the near future as the company has suffered setbacks there. The Chinese firm has also changed its marketing plans in that country. This isn’t a good news for Xiaomi fans in Brazil as the Chinese firm entered the country about ten months ago.

Brazil is one of the fastest growing markets with more than 50 percent of growth and it is definitely a target. However, the Chinese firm has failed to achieve targets in there. In 2015, Xiaomi launched Redmi 2 and Redmi 2 Pro smartphones in Brazil.

Chinese sources claimed that online sale is not popular in Brazil is one of the main setbacks for Xiaomi. Furthermore, the Brazilian market is too competitive as the Moto G smartphones are very popular there.

As a result, the team members in Brazil will leave the country very soon and will join the global marketing team that based in China. The global marketing team will continue to manage the Brazilian market from China.

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