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Bluboo Picasso

In this round of giveaway, we are giving a unit of Bluboo Picasso that was sponsored by Bluboo. The Bluboo Picasso smartphone is a mid-range that worth to own it if you don’t win it through this giveaway.

Here are the Bluboo Picasso specs review

– 5.0-inches IPS display with HD resolution
– MediaTek MT6580 quad-core processor
– 16GB of ROM
– Android 5.1 Lollipop
– 8MP main camera
– 8MP front-facing camera
– Dual-SIM
– 2,500mAh removable battery

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4. Complete all tasks at below:

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5. Tell us what is your favourite color for Bluboo Picasso.

6. You are now qualify for the giveaway!

Rules and regulations
1. This giveaway is for all International readers – from 14th May 2016 to 21st May 2016.
2. Only one unit of Bluboo Picasso for this giveaway.
3. GSM Insider (http://gsminsider.com) has all rights to cancel this contest without prior notice and has all rights to replace the Bluboo Picasso with another item at similar or below Bluboo Picasso’s value.
4. Please don’t rush us for the result because we are just a small organization and we need time to arrange for the item.

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  • Aaron Reck

    I like the Sapphire Blue for sure.

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    best giveaway to participate and WIN.

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    Favorite color is Black! Thank you for this giveaway! <3


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    Black or Golden

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    i love the color brown

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    Blue :)

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    Oe I Love the Pink:)

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    Blue please

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    I like the black one best

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    GOlden Please

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    pink thank you for the chance :)

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    I really like the blue.

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    White would be my first choice of colour when selecting a Bluboo Picasso.

  • Tee SengHock

    I like the Blue in colour.💟

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    I like the White color!

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    Lime green please

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    My favorite color is pink

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    The GOLD color!!!

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    I like Black!!!!

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    I like color black. . Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. :)

  • Angel Lim

    im a pinky person. my favourite color is pink.
    the pink phone is so cute and gorgeous.

  • Tee Anderson

    black would be my favorite color

  • Henry Goh

    Black or dark blue or yellow, any one of these 3 colors suits me!

    • Henry Goh

      Good Luck everyone!

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    dARK bLUE

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    I like green colour.

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    My favourite color for Bluboo Picasso is red.

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    My favorite colour is gold

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  • I like the green

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    My favorite is PINK wahooo thanks for the chance

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    Sapphire blue is my favourite color for bluboo picasso.

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    I like the color Blue

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    I like the green one

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    It has to be pink for me.

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    Watch the comparison video for Bluboo Xtouch, UMI Touch, Elephone P7000 and Doogee F5, https://goo.gl/dsmGtp

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