Home Devices Comparison Year End Giveaway: No.1 Smartwatch Diamond 2

No.1 D2 smartwatch close look GSM INSIDER 1

Finally, we’ve the winner of No.1 Smartwatch Diamond 2 giveaway and the individual is from the Philippines.

The individual is simply known as

Recato Santos from the Philippines

He will get a unit of No.1 Smartwatch Diamond 2. We’ve sent an email to your and the device will ship to you from our officer in Malaysia.

For those who did not win the smartphone, stay tuned for more giveaways. As usual, we are just a small organization and will take some time for us to obtain the giveaway. Please be patient during all the giveaways. GET THE LATEST GIVEAWAYS FROM HERE – http://gsminsider.com/giveaway/

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