Home Rumor Xiaomi to launch processor in beginning of 2016

Xiaomi Leadcore

Xiaomi has introduced smartphone, tablet, air purifier and even water purifier. The next product from the popular Chinese brand could be a mobile processor.

According to the Secretary General of China Mobile Phone Industry Alliance (手机产业联盟), Xiaomi will launch their processor in beginning of next year. The Secretary General said the Xiaomi processor is a collaboration product between Xiaomi and Leadcore.

In last year, both Xiaomi and Leadcore set up a joint venture – Beijing Song Guo Electronics Company Limited. In November 2014, Leadcore announced that Beijing Song Guo Electronics acquired the license of SDR1860 technology. It is highly possible that the upcoming processor from Xiaomi is going to base on Leadcore SDR1860.

The Redmi 2A smartphone that was launched earlier this year has a Leadcore LC1860C processor. Industry sources claim that Xiaomi processor will be used for upcoming low end Redmi smartphones while high end flagship will continue to use Qualcomm Snapdragon. This is because Leadcore doesn’t have WCDMA solution yet.

It was further reported that Xiaomi has acquired the license for development of ARM based processor.

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