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LeTV 1 million sales

LeTV 1, LeTV 1 Pro and LeTV Max were launched in China about three months ago and these smartphones have achieved 1 million units of sales. In other words, LeTV brand is another rising Chinese brand in the smartphone market.

According to LeTV, their smartphone sales have achieved 1 million sales since their smartphones were offered in the Chinese market on May 19. The no. 1 million customer in China got LeTV 1, LeTV 1 Pro, LeTV Max and a unit of 70-inch LeTV television.

LeTV becomes the first smartphone brand from China to achieve 1 million units of sales in less than three months. Xiaomi achieved about 400,000 sales in first year, Meizu recorded about 600,000 units in first year, OnePlus One broke 1 million sales in a year and Huawei Honor recorded about 500,000 units of sales in three months.

Sources from China claimed that LeTV recorded about 564,000 units of sales in the first month, which contributed about 4.5 percent of market share in China and LeTV became the fifth largest smartphone vendor behind Xiaomi, Huawei Honor , Meizu and Apple.

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