Home Latest Leak Umi Zero 2 unveiled, another dual-screen smartphone similar to YotaPhone

Umi Zero 2 image 1

Umi Zero 2 image 2

Russian brand YotaPhone is the pioneer of dual display smartphone and now another company from China is set to introduce a new smartphone with dual display as well. Umi brand from has introduced Umi Zero 2.

Umi is a smartphone brand from China that based in Shenzhen. The Chinese brand has posted out images of Umi Zero 2 itself and we are able to see that the device has a colorful display on the front and a black and white e-ink display on the back. The slogan of Umi Zero 2 is duplex life, which clearly points at the dual display.

The design of Umi Zero 2 is similar to the YotaPhone 2. The YotaPhone 2 has a 5.0-inch main display with 1080p resolution together with a 4.7-inch rear display with 540 x 960 pixels resolution. Users can read email and send message with the rear display in order to save battery life.

There is no info on the specs of Umi Zero 2, but we are definitely going to update you once they are up.

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