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iPod Touch

After the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, the Cupertino based company has been tipped to launch iPhone 6C with colorful design. The iPhone 6C will come with a 4-inch display which is similar to the new iPod Touch.

The new 4-inch iPod Touch was unveiled just a few days ago and the rumor of iPhone 6C has re-emerged. Folks at VB predict that Apple will announce a new phone this fall that looks almost exactly like the iPod Touch and comes in the same colors. It will contain an A8 chip just like the iPod Touch.

The main difference is that there will be a cellular voice and data radio chipset under the hood, as well as a Touch ID sensor and an RFC chip for Apple Pay. In other words, the iPhone 6C will be an iPod Touch with voice call.

The iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus are expected to be priced from $650 to $950, while the new iPod Touch starts at $200. VB pointed out that Apple could capture the mid-level market with the iPhone 6C if the phone hits somewhere around $400.

The iPhone 5C with plastic design was released in last year, but the device has performed badly. Rumors claimed that iPhone 5C will come with an affordable price tag, but it was launched with a mid-range price instead of affordable price tag. We are expecting the same thing for iPhone 6C – a smartphone with mid-range price tag.

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