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Samsung has launched several variants of Galaxy S6 such as Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 Active. Well. It looks like Samsung is going to launch another variant by the name of Samsung Galaxy S6 Note in the near future.

Korean company Samsung Electronics was found to have filed trademark of “S6 Note” at the Korean Patent Technology Information Center (KIPRIS). It looks like the trademark of “S6 Note” will be used in the future as the name of Samsung Galaxy S6 Note.

From the name of S6 Note, we are pretty sure that it has a large display that related to the Note series. Unfortunately, we are unable to confirm whether the Samsung Galaxy S6 Note is the same as Galaxy S6 Plus that was rumored earlier.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in the market has dual curved display while the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active is a rugged smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Note and Galaxy S6 Plus will add more variants to the flagship Galaxy S6 smartphone.

Stay tuned for more updates on Samsung Galaxy S6 Note.

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