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I guess most of us know how to read XiaoMi, but there are still people that don’t know how to read this easy Chinese name. The official website of XiaoMi is xiaomi.com since 2003, but folks at XiaoMi Inc has another idea for the URL. It looks like XiaoMi has replaced xiaomi.com with mi.com as its website domain.

It is true that the official website of XiaoMi already has a new domain mi.com. We visited the old domain xiaomi.com, but the old domain URL directed us to mi.com instead. Yes. The mi.com domain is the new global home of Xiaomi Inc and this represents another important step for XiaoMi in the global market.

Here are the results that we obtained after finalized our research on the new and old domain URLs of XiaoMi Inc.

The first image above was posted by co-founder and President of XiaoMi, Lin Bin. The English language poster said “Shorter name, Bigger world” – Mi.com – XiaoMi’s new global home”. The second image is in Chinese language that posted by CEO and co-founder of XiaoMi, Lei Jun. Both first and second images have the same meaning – Mi.com, XiaoMi’s new global home.

Mi.com whois info 2

After searching on the Whois database, we found out some interesting details about the mi.com. Mi.com domain is actually created in November 1998 but the latest updated date is in this month. The expiration date of the mi.com domain is in 2023. The updated date told us that XiaoMi Inc has purchased it in this month as we can see that the registrant name is XiaoMi Inc with US address.

Mi.com price expensive

The question is – How much did XiaoMi pay for the Mi.com domain? The answer is USD $3.6 million. Another senior executive of XiaoMi, Li Wan Qiang confirmed this amount through his personal Weibo account. Li Wan Qiang said that Mi.com is the most expensive domain URL in China. It looks like XiaoMi has paid a huge price for the new and shorter URL domain. With USD $3.6 million, mi.com is actually ranked at 17th position on the List of most expensive domain names.

XiaoMi.com Whois

At the same time, we also found out the some information about the old Xiaomi.com domain. According to whois database, Xiaomi.com was registered in 2003 and set to expire in 2013. This domain was registered by XiaoMi Inc that remains till today. Soon, Xiaomi.com will get out of our sights after mi.com gets world recognition.

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