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Arirang AS120 vs Uniscope U1201 image 1

Arirang AS1201 vs Uniscope U1201 – Comparison

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Arirang AS1201 vs Uniscope U1201 – Comparison

Back in August 2013, GSM Insider reported that the first North Korean smartphone is the Arirang AS1201. The Arirang AS1201 is popular in the neighbor of Samsung’s home country. Back in November last year, several reports from China pointed out that the Arirang AS1201 is actually a smartphone that based on the Uniscope XC2 in China. However, the latest images showed that the Arirang AS1201 is based on a Uniscope smartphone, but not the XC2.

The images obtained from Japanese source revealed that the Arirang AS1201 is actually based on the Uniscope U1201 or the Uniscope U1201 is based on the Arirang AS1201. Of course, we are not sure which one was built first. We assume that the Arirang AS1201 is based on Uniscope U1201 and built by the Chinese firm.

From the images above, the North Korea’s Arirang AS1201 and China’s Uniscope U1201 were placed side by side for the outlook comparison. Both devices are 97% similar except the brand, the network support and the operating system that took 3%. The logo of Uniscope was replaced by the Arirang logo in the Korean language while the network support as well as the OS must be modified based on the regulations in North Korea before official release.

Uniscope U1201 vs Arirang AS1201

The user interface of Arirang AS1201 is more toward the stock Android design and the Uniscope U1201 has a touchWiz-alike design based on the logos. However, we are unable to find the Google Play store logo on the Arirang AS1201 and Uniscope U1201. The Arirang AS1201 is unlikely to have access to the internet and the Google Play store is useless without internet. The network support for Arirang AS1201 is also unknown as we only know that 3G network service is offers by Koryolink telecom carrier.

We have no idea about the Arirang AS1202, but we have some details about the Uniscope U1201. The dual-SIM Uniscope U1201 was released in China back in December 2012. It has a 4.3-inch touchscreen display with 960 x 540 pixels. The processor is 1GHz Spreadtrum LC8810 1.2GHz Snapdragon S4 MSM8225 quad-core processor (Adreno205) and the RAM is 7658MB paired with 4GB of internal storage. The main camera of Uniscope U1201 is an 8-megapixel shooter while the front-facing camera is a 2-megapixel shooter. The dimension of Uniscope U1201 is 130.5mm × 64.2mm × 9.9mm while the weight is 117.8g. The image above is the Uniscope U1201 in white color.

The specs and Android version 4.0.4 Jelly Bean reveal that Uniscope U1201 is just a “super low end” smartphone in this modern era. It is very easy to find a smartphone with quad-core processor and 1GB of RAM in China with the price tag below $150. Therefore, the reasons for the release of Uniscope U1201 in the North Korean market as Arirang AS1201 remain unknown.

Uniscope U1201 (WCDMA version) is current costs RMB$638 in China through online store JD. You can purchase it through this link here or visit Uniscope official website.

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