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Motorola Lenovo logo In 2011, Google purchased Motorola Mobility from Motorola Inc for the price of $12.5 billion. Since then, Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solution are two different entities under two different parent companies. The acquisition of Google was an ideal move for Motorola as many observers thought that Google had the capabilities to turn the struggling company around. However, Google had failed to turn the company around with Moto G and Moto X.

Earlier this year, both Lenovo and Google announced that they had reached an agreement for the sale of Motorola Mobility to Lenovo with the price of $2.9 billion. As a result of this sale, Google retains most of the patterns owned by Motorola and Google will get some shares of Lenovo. However, the deal is still under scrutiny by authorities.

It is a truth that Lenovo is the king In the PC market, but the global smartphone market is still new for the Chinese company. Lenovo is one of the top brands in the world’s largest smartphone market, which is also its home country, China. With the acquisition of Motorola, Lenovo will have high hope on the American market.

Recently, Richard Yang was interviewed by German business magazine and he stated his views on the Motorola brand. He said that Motorola brand has a good reputation in American and European markets. Therefore, his company will not rely on the Lenovo for overseas expansion plans.

Richard Yang said that it is possible that the company will introduce a new Motorola brand with the combination of Lenovo. Motorola by Lenovo is the example that mentioned by Richard Yang during the interview.

At last, we have some ideas about the future plans of Motorola after Lenovo completed the deal. Therefore, the brand will change from Motorola – A Google Company to Motorola by Lenovo in the future. With this branding combination, Lenovo will gain more branding exposure alongside Motorola.

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  • adam

    Poor Motorola. Just a Chinese knock off now. I like many of their products in the past. Plenty of other manufacturers out there.

    • https://plus.google.com/u/0/116718238524871740561 Mark Collins

      I guess Lenovo wants to use Motorola as its platform to the west.