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At MWC 2014, Microsoft just announces several new hardware partners for its Windows Phone platform and ZTE is one of them. Finally, Microsoft is expanding its Windows Phone platform to more partners as they hope that more partners able to steer the Windows Phone mobile operating system to new height in this year.

ZTE, a Chinese company has been confirmed by the new hardware partner of  the Windows Phone platform. In other words, ZTE is going to release at least one Windows Phone handset in the future. Of course, we are not sure how many Windows Phones are coming from ZTE.

ZTE is also known as the Zhongxing Telecommunication Equipment Corporation was the world’s fourth largest mobile phone manufacturer in 2012 by unit sales. It was also the world’s fifth-largest telecoms equipment maker measured by 2012 revenues. ZTE alongside Huawei are the telecoms equipment makers from China.

ZTE is an old player in the smartphone, especially the Android market. It has introduced several Android smartphones in the past that include ZTE Grand S and ZTE Grand Memo. ZTE is also one of the partners of Mozilla for the Firefox OS and had introduced the ZTE Open in last year.

The partnership with Microsoft is allowing ZTE to introduce more devices in another platform. This also means that ZTE is able to help Microsoft gain something from the Chinese market. The Chinese market has been a tough market for Microsoft after its Windows Phone failed to break into the world’s largest smartphone market that controls by Android. Gionee, Lenovo, ZTE and Longcheer are the new Windows Phone partners that announced at MWC 2014.

Folks, are you ready for ZTE Windows Phone?

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