Home Leaks ZTE Nubia Z5S Handset Leaks Again, Reveals Mysterious Buttons

Nubia Z5S leaks

The ZTE Nubia Z5S was revealed by the General Manager of Nubia on his Weibo account. Ni Fei posted a photo sample of the Nubia Z5S on his Weibo and indirectly unveiled the handset to the public.

The handset of Nubia Z5S was leaked again in China after the first leak revealed the device supports all networks in China. In this series of leak, the Nubia Z5S handset was placed on the tablet and it’s facing down the table. Therefore, the image only revealed the rear-view of the Nubia Z5S.

From the rear-view of the Nubia Z5S, we can see that it has two additional buttons on the side and the top of the device. The side button could be a camera button while the top button remains unknown. However, the designs of the camera and the LED flash are still the same like the Nubia Z5.

For the Nubia Z5S, the alphabet “S” simply means speed. In order to make the device faster, Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor is the main component. The launch of Nubia Z5S is imminent but may not happen so soon.

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