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While most of us still guessing the arrival date of Nexus 5, we have a date for you to mark on your calendar for the arrival of fifth Gen Nexus smartphone – its the end of October.

According to TechRadar, the much-anticipated Nexus 5 will be announced and shipped in the last week of October. The price tag of Nexus 5 is half the price of the iPhone 5S on the market. This means that the price tag is around £275 ($473 AUS, $446 US) and in line with Google’s low-price high-performance smartphone policy.

Nexus 5 is likely to come with at least 3GB RAM as reported by the source. However, don’t rule out any possibilities of the arrival of 4GB RAM in the Nexus 5. This is because Google aims to tackle the iPhone 5S with a device on the same level.

At the moment, it doesn’t look like the Nexus 5 will come with 64-bit of processing functionality although the Android 4.4 KitKat might support it. The source added that the shipping date mentioned above is for the UK market and the rest of the world will get it soon after launch.

The launch of Nexus 5 is just around the corner. The manufacturer of the device is still the same like the old LG Nexus 4 that no longer available in the market. As we knew that the LG Nexus 4 has a unique rear-side design. We shall see whether the Nexus 5 has a unique rear-side design too.

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