Home Latest News Samsung To Launch Galaxy S4 Active With Snapdragon 800 In October

samsung_galaxy-s4-active It seems like Samsung will utilize its current devices and upgrade them with better specs. Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is said to have such treat. The Korean source said that refreshed Samsung Galaxy S4 Active will be launched in Korean market soon.

According to the NVR, it reported that Samsung will launch the Galaxy S4 Active with Snapdragon 800 processor in the South Korea in October. The current Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is powered by the Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor.

The Korean source added that Samsung delayed the launch of refreshed Galaxy S4 Active because of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is going to arrive before the refreshed Galaxy S4 Active.

If you had purchased the Galaxy S4 Active in Korea, what will you think about? Do you angry with the decision from Samsung? Don’t mind to tell us on below.

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