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XiaoMi Mi3

Press Shot of XiaoMi Mi3 In Yellow Leaks, Resemble Nokia Lumia 920

XiaoMi Mi3 render

Press Shot of XiaoMi Mi3 In Yellow Leaks, Resemble Nokia Lumia 920

The announcement date of XiaoMi Mi3 has been confirmed by the CEO of the company, Lei Jun which is on September 5th, 2013. The Chinese smartphone industry is buzzing about the launch event as the third generation XiaoMi phone, XiaoMi Mi3 will be launched on that day. As the press shot of XiaoMi Mi3 has been leaked as the date is getting nearer.

According to the Chinese sources, the press shot above revealed the XiaoMi Mi3. Surprisingly, the XiaoMi Mi3 looks like the Nokia Lumia 920. Both XiaoMi Mi3 and Nokia Lumia 920 have the same look except the huge XiaoMi logo on the back of the device. The yellow of XiaoMi Mi3 isn’t the same like the Nokia Lumia 920.


The XiaoMi Mi3 handset was leaked a few days ago. Both press shot and handset of the XiaoMi Mi3 are having the same look. Both XiaoMi Mi3 handset and press shot having the same look of Nokia Lumia 920. Do you agree? The device beside XiaoMi Mi3 is the older XiaoMi Mi smartphone.

XiaoMi side view
XiaoMi Mi3 in multiple colors – side view

XiaoMi Mi3 side view
XiaoMi Mi3 in yellow – side view

The design of XiaoMi Mi3 also confirmed the design of XiaoMi Mi3. The important point about XiaoMi Mi3 is XiaoMi Technology will offer the device in multiple colors. The yellow color remains the main color while colors include pink, orange, cyan, navy blue, white and green. It seems like XiaoMi Mi3 will not come in elegant black.

XiaoMi case 2

 XiaoMi Mi-3 casing

XiaoMi case 1

 XiaoMi Mi3 casing

The casing of the XiaoMi Mi3 has been a few weeks ago. From the camera position of the XiaoMi Mi3, the casing is indeed for the device. It seems like XiaoMi Technology ready to release some official accessories for the device. The casing of XiaoMi Mi3 remains mystery and it might come with the name of Flip Cover or Smart Cover.

XiaoMi Mi3 is now done and dusted. The design is similar to the Nokia Lumia 920 but the inner specs remain mystery to-date. Either Tegra 4 or Snapdragon 800 processor is going to power the XiaoMi Mi3 in the Chinese market. However, it might arrive with both processors for different variants. XiaoMi Chairman Lin Bin has confirmed that the company is accelerating its overseas expansion. XiaoMi Mi3 might arrive in the more markets via official distribution channels soon.

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