Home Leaks RAMOS K1 Leaks, HTC One Alike Tablet


RAMOS K1 is one of the popular tablets in China due to its policy where users able to exchange for a new device if there are problems within 3 months. This RAMOS K1 supposedly will be launched on August 8th, but it has been delayed without any notice.

Finally, the RAMOS K1 was leaked through the internet. It is an enlarge version of HTC One – a tablet based on the design of HTC One. From the leaked image above, the RAMOS K1 is indeed looks rather ugly with such design.

RAMOS K1 comes with a display size of 7.9-inch, which is similar to the iPad Mini. It has a set of stereo speaks on the front of the device but without Beats Audio feature. It also comes with front and rear cameras as well as a 5,500mAh battery.

The RAMOS K1 is likely to launch in the Chinese market soon but the exact date remains mysterious. Anyone interested in this HTC One alike tablet?

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