Home Latest News First North Korea-made Smartphone Reveals – Arirang AS1201


Samsung, LG and Pantech are among the leaders in the smartphone market from South Korea. These three companies are the proud entities from South Korea together with Kia and Hyundai. Well. Its neighbor, North Korea is working on its own smartphone brand – Arirang.

According to sources from China, the Communist-controlled country is working on its own smartphone which is known by the brand of Arirang. The first smartphone from Arirang has been created and it is known as the Arirang AS1201. The Arirang AS1201 was revealed by the image above and it runs on the Android operating system.

The production of Arirang device is located in North Korea by the local company. It is a surprise that the North Korean government has started its own smartphone production faster than expected. Rumors before mentioned that it is likely that smartphone and tablet in the North Korea were manufactured in China. Look like the North Korean government has their own factory rather than outsource to Chinese companies.

Please read the Chinese sources for more information.

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