Home Leaks HTC One Blue Handset Spotted On Rapid Transit In Taiwan

HTC One Blue
If you want more proves on the HTC One Blue handset, this is it. The HTC One Blue was spotted randomly inside the Rapid Transit in Taiwan. The image was captured by one of the rapid transit users in Taiwan.

Since HTC is yet to announce the HTC One Blue, the guy in the image with the device could be one of the employees of the Taiwanese firm. He is lucky enough to get his hands on the HTC One Blue ahead of every one of us. The HTC One Blue handset was similar to the one leaked two days ago.


The HTC One Blue was posted through Weibo two days. It was the first time the blue color HTC One handset showed to us. We want a solid handset rather than the press shot. The handset itself looks legit after all, isn’t it?

The HTC One Blue has spotted in China and Taiwan. These two markets are likely to get this HTC One Blue in the coming future. The only question is when HTC is going to release this device and how much is the cost?

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