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Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S3 were exploded in different regions in the past few weeks. The most recent and the most serious accident happened in Hong Kong a few days ago as the house caught on fire.

According to The Sun from Hong Kong, there was a Samsung Galaxy S4 caught on fire and exploded when the owner using the device. Due to the sudden incident, the guy threw away the device and ran out of the house. The fire from the Samsung Galaxy S4 burnt the soft and burnt down the whole house as well.

The fire from the Samsung Galaxy S4 burnt the sofa and curtains before spread to other parts of the house. It was a serious accident as the owner lost his house but no one was injured.

The Hong Kong guy said that the Samsung Galaxy S4 was purchased from the original distribution channel while the charger and battery are original.

Samsung said that it is going to investigate into this incident to figure out the reasons behind this fire accident.

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