Home Latest News Samsung Galaxy S4 Caught On Fire, Casing And MicroUSB Port Melted

Non of the Smartphones out there are safe from fire. This is because the devices were made from electronic components and parts where accident usually happens. The latest device that caught on fire is the Samsung Galaxy S4.

According to the report from UAE, the Samsung Galaxy S4 caught on fire during charging. The good news is no one was hurt when this accident happened. The bad news is the charging port, casing and the charger melted.

Samsung Gulf promised to investigate the incident as will replace a new unit to the owner. The owner will receive in the form of compensation but the amount remains undisclosed.

We advise that users should not leave their devices charging for overnight.

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  • PJ from UK

    Samsung S4 Melt Down

    hi there the same thing happend to my sons phone O2 are now saying they will not replace saying it was his fault, only one mounth in to his contract. Going back to store today
    regards PJ