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Our previous post was about the Moto X set to use the Nano-SIM as its SIM tray leaked in Hong Kong. Well. We have another set of images about Moto X as well. This time, the Moto X goes head to head with the Motorola Milestone 3 device.

According to the tipster, the device on the left is the Moto X while the device on the right is Motorola Milestone 3 (an older Android smartphone). We hardly see any Motorola logo on the Moto X as the photographer purposely captured it without the Motorola logo to prevent any irrelevant issue. We knew that was the Moto X while the Motorola Milestone 3 is a slider smartphone.

For the second and third images, the Moto X was placed side by side with the Motorola Milestone 3. The Moto X has an upper hand over the Motorola Milestone 3 in the thickness. This is because the Motorola Milestone 3 is a slider phone which is definitely thicker. For the Moto X, it has the usual curve design on the back which was leaked for more than 10 times before.

Motorola is set to launch the Moto X in August as the device is spreading so fast like wildfire to different continents. It remains unknown whether Motorola will release the Moto X to countries outside American.

Stay tuned for more news on Moto X from us.

Thanks Kopi-O for the tip!

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