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Moto X 2

Moto X leaks again and again. This time is about the Nano-SIM tray of the Moto X. It was leaked earlier in an Asian country, Hong Kong. It looks like Moto X is available in different parts of the world.

The image above revealed that the Nano-SIM tray of the Moto X while the device itself was placed exactly beside the Moto X device. From the size of the SIM card, it is indeed the Moto X uses Nano-SIM card. Moto X and iPhone 5 are going to use the same Nano-SIM card. This means, those using Micro-SIM devices need to change a whole new SIM card.

Google and Motorola have their own reasons for the adoption of Nano-SIM card ahead of Micro-SIM card. This leak is a good one as it gives warning to those interested in the Moto X and get ready to change new SIM card.

At the same time, is Moto X is heading out of the United States to other continents? I have doubts on this.

Thanks Kopi-O for the tip!

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