Home Rumors Hisilicon K3V3 Is An Octa-core Processor, Confirms By Chinese Sources

Huawei is yet to unveil any new processor in this year. The latest Huawei Ascend P6 is powered by the Hisilicon K3V2E which is the refreshed of the older K3V2. It’s time for the new generation Hisilicon processor.

According to Chinese sources, Huawei has completed the development of the Hisilicon K3V3 processor. Huawei invented a new cooling technology that enables the processor to auto-charge when running at high temperature while cooling the processor as well. This will provide longer standby time to the device and cooling the device.

Huawei CEO Richard Yu confirmed that the Chinese company is going to introduce new octa-core processor. The Hisilicon K3V3 is based on ARM architecture and clocked up to 1.8GHz. The GPU is the Mali GPU based on 28nm.

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  • I can’t do that dave

    hi Lieu, can you ask around confirm if they or anyone else for that matter will be including generic USB3.0 and micro data on their latest quad/Octacore Soc’s for late 2013/14 please,we really Need the far faster external IO interfaces now that 11ac wireless and see M2 are becoming ng widespread soon